General Questions

In case you had questions about specific work or type of work and/or techniques used in Mike’s work, you can find them here. Otherwise, please contact him or his management directly via the contact page.

Is Mike Azdon the artists real name?

No. Mike Azdon is a pen name the artist uses to attribute to his brand and body of work.

What is considered digital art?

In the case of Mike Azdon, digital art is any form of art achieved through the use of a computer or camera.

What is stock photography?

Stock photography refers to a library of images and where they came from.

As a photographer, Mike Azdon has his own library of photography that he uses in much of his work. Other stock is sourced from websites like shutterstock.com or photodune.net where photographers sell their photography for other artists or companies to use.

What is considered to be ‘photo-manipulation’?

Photo-manipulation is a piece or composition comprised of heavily distorted photography and/or multiple photos that create a completely new piece that significantly differs from the the original(s).

A simple example of photo-manipulation would be if a subject, such as a tree, were taken from one photo and placed on a different photo that didn’t otherwise have that tree as subject matter to begin with.

How much of Mike Azdon’s work is comprised of stock photography?

Of the photo-manipulation in Mike Azdon’s portfolio, his stock and external stock varies drastically but could be comprised of around 50/50 if you wanted to put a number on it.

For instance, of all the photography used in The Story Teller’s Realm series, 100% of the photo’s used are Mike Azdon’s own personal stock. Whereas, a piece like Welcome Home is comprised of 100% external stock.

Does Mike Azdon sell his work?


Does he do commissions?