Curiosity begins at an early age and, for Mike Azdon, the fuel that has driven his creations his entire life.

The odd and mysterious have always captivated Mike Azdon’s imagination. Although a seemingly ordinary and plain individual, Mike harnesses the mundane of the every day to sway himself into these otherworldly fantasies. The underlying dark moods and imagery can most likely attest to this deviation of¬†ordinary life; a rebellion one might say.

Mike Azdon has explored his mind in a variety of mediums throughout his life. Mastering photo realistic drawing at an early age, he developed a fascination with photography and the distortion of reality that came with photo-manipulation. Realism has always played a distinct role in Mike’s art but upon studying design in school, combining all his knowledge and skill yielded its own distinctive style of digital art. There’s an experimental quality that come’s with his work because of his diverse range of skill and interests but a Mike Azdon piece can always be recognized by it’s dark and often whimsical subject matter regardless of the medium(s) chosen.

When push comes to shove, Mike Azdon considers himself an experimental artist. He doesn’t like the idea of being confined to a box but, from his body of work, tends to favor some mediums and approaches over others.